Forgiveness and 4 Heavy Sins


I Am Asking For Your Forgiveness If I Do Not Operate In Total Love For You As Christ Did In That, He Recognized, They Just Did Not Understand.  I Have To Recognize, That Most Of You, Just Have Never Experienced What Simple Church Is To Be Like Since Your Teachers Have Never Experienced It Before Either.


The Four Biggest Reasons The Church Has Changed And 

Lost Its Salt Savor Allowing The World Now, To Go Crazy!


   1- Heresy/ Departing From the Fruit of Spirit- One of the main reasons the born again church can not influence the world is because of heresy and the ignorance of even what heresy is. We see the effects in all our churches and yet can not observe it unless we seek out what it is and are willing to change, our hearts and understanding to please God. 

   What is heresy? Heresy according to the dictionary is a departure of the church from what it has been through past years. An example of heresy is when one truth is held up above all other truths. All truth is parallel however when a group, person or church holds up, teaches, preaches, and only thinks about one truth, or a few, the wheel (church) is out of balance, and can never run properly. Lifting up only certain truths of the Bible, faith, grace, etc., etc., without lifting up all other truths (teachings) is a departure from normal Christianity. (orthodox, the way it has always been ). Truth is the total Bible as one, being preached which will produce a strong body with all the nutrients we will ever need, so we can truly influence the world, being fully empowered to do so.

  Today many modern-day churches are choosing to only major in faith and grace and both of these have warnings that are not being preached on. The grace-only heresy message sets up that we can do whatever, sin, etc. and grace will still cover it, seemingly without repentance since they teach, you did all that when you got saved. (It becomes a sloppy way to get dirty with sin with no fresh repentance to wash sin away that always condemns a person when they want to witness, since sin still controls person, no matter how much they say they are a Christian. Whereas those majoring only in faith truth, without love according to 1 Cor. 13,(not all faith worketh by love) a person can end up being called wicked by Christ, because the person did not treat the least of their brethren with love/Philadelphia love ( Matt. 7:21-23) These are persons who always want the gifts of the Holy Spirit, lifting them up as the supreme gift (truth) however according to the Bible, Love is the greatest supreme gift.

2- Respecter of Persons/ Lack of Oversight 

     1- Respector of persons (Hatred/Miseo' Greek) has become a very serious offense against God since it is so subtle. The meaning for hatred example is as following, say you have four persons standing in front of you and you really like three of them but the other one isn't you say your type because of whatever. The meaning of hate is to esteem a person(s) in your mind higher than another person (s).  For example in business or life say for instance certain persons comment well of you on something you did or said, however, another one criticizes you and say it was in an email form. In this foregoing case, you gladly reply to compliments and delete the bad criticism person's email before recognizing them as a human or brother/sister by sending them a nice form letter as good/great national companies do in their PR departments. Who do we think we are, we must love as Christ did regardless which will even attract the ungodly acting persons. God help us to do all, his way in love.

3- If we are not organized to make sure all members are taken care of (Good organized leadership for all areas of church/ elders, deacons, teachers, group leaders,etc.,etc.), we have a tendency to do the following:  Examples: 1- A person in church gets sick and we don't visit them, however, if one of the better-recognized leaders or persons gets sick, we send cards, visit them, pray openly for them, etc. 3- A person in the church goes to jail whereas we ignore visiting them however if well known, we all do what we can ???? 4- A person in the church really is poor and we ignore them whereas a rich person comes in and we bow over to serve them or invite them out, etc. We quickly return their calls, emails, etc. however the least of these type persons, we ignore, seldom ever return their calls, emails,etc.. (If we knew, we are doing all this to Jesus, how do you think Jesus feels??)  Fellow Christians if we do not conduct ourselves in love and Holiness in all things then we have to be ready to expect the consequences, which are really ugly. We must love the least in the body of Christ or be called wicked by Jesus ith judgment following.(which may be missing the rapture ??? Matt. 24:49, Luke 12:45).   

4-Not allowing The fivefold Ministry to Minister As God has called them to do- All of the fivefold needs to minister including the evangelist which is a person usually outside the church since the praying evangelist is anointed by the Holy Spirit to deal in areas of persons lives that the pastor may never be able to see or touch. A true evangelist will always get down where the person(s) is really at and will deal accordingly as a doctor does, whereas it may hurt getting rid of whatever but when healing takes place, the person can become a valuable addition to help others who had the same problems. 

  The Evangelist is the 1st part of a revival after much prayer whereas he comes in and blasts out rocks (even digging deeply so freshwater comes up so the church is no longer lukewarm and the river is flowing. 2nd- The Pastor gathers the stones 3rd- The teacher chops the stone into the right shape God wants, 4th- The prophet gets into small places of a person's life to grind away that which can not be seen and 5th- The apostle says that stone needs to go right here in the church. The fivefold ministry prepares a church as a bride, without spot or wrinkle, for him who is coming soon.