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      Pastors, One Day in the not far off future, You are going to be judged very heavily since you are accountable to God for the souls of persons you have pastored, your rewards may be great or you may receive a greater negative as the Sadducees and Pharisees did receive a greater damnation.

   Jesus spoke and said, " Not every one who says, unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that does the will of my father who is in heaven. 

   This is the solid truth and stewardship is a very serious business. The sheep you are supposed to pastor, are not yours, in that you, one day will either be called a Hireling or a  Pastor by God himself. A true pastor knows his sheep by name (by those who under-shepherd the sheep under him) and they (and you) will lay your lives down for the sheep, which God has you overseeing.

The Deep State ?

Have You Fallen For Thier Fake News and Ran Your Church According To Their Fake News, Whose Desire It Is To Take Over Your Country and Church?

    If you do not know what the deep state is, I suggest you do a study and come back to read this information however in a nutshell, here it is  1- After Adam fell, Satan became god of this world and rules secretly through satanism and secret societies 2- When in Gen.11, Nimrod was building the tower of Babel, he was planning a one world rule government however it was stopped by God changing their languages whereas they were scattered however secret societies were set up to pursue setting up again a one world government ran by dictators.(the route to this is first socialism and then Russia/China like dictatorships). We at this time have a short time period before the above happens in that there is about to be the last day Revival and harvest of souls whereas the church must be organized to properly teach and assimilate ( those who will be coming into our churches ) into all the truths we hold dear.

  As you probably know the deep state desires to bring their own dictatorship into our nation however very few realize at the same time the deep state has put in place their persons to take over not only our country but also our churches through subtility whereas most of you are not aware of there past plottings. 

  Almost everything that has been introduced to bring our country's government down has also been put in place to bring our original, as set up by God, church government down so the enemy can easily take us over.  Listed Below are given ploys which have succeeded in some ways in all our churches to different degrees. They plot and finance millions of dollars into their efforts and persons, who further there cause to control the thought patterns of persons of faith in God & Country, whereas we ask, where does your church stand?

  Below are areas, they have heavily financed since they desire to control these important areas. First, I will state change and the problem for a country and for the church.

(1) The way persons dress and the Problem.  The way persons overall dress determines and changes societies. Biblically, all very important spiritual meetings, persons who attended these were supposed to dress up for these as ordinary custom and even Christ had highly sought after apparel (All priest were dressed in gorgeous apparel). In today's world, the Bible calls us kings and priest because we are very important to him and I believe we should let the world know we are Christians by our lives and dress for important church occasions, letting those who see us know that God is very important to us. (Psalms 96:9)

  Pastor, I understand that if you are younger, then the only dress you usually have ever seen and have come very accustomed to on Sunday morning is dressing just like everyone else, in other words just like the entire world does throughout the week however according to the Bible, God's people are called chosen and a peculiar people. In the Old Testament, God's people would be carrying lambs, sheep, goats, etc. to the tabernacle or temple to be sacrificed. What an odd thing to the world to see and even gory to some, however, that is just what God set up before Christ came. Today God's way is to celebrate the death and resurrection of the one we love. Can you be odd by dressing up one day a week to show God is important to you? Dress is important to God. One person made it to Heaven and was cast out because he was not dressed properly. You and I will be judged whether we honor God or honor ourselves. I will be judged by myself and you will too. If it is through the week when I hold a revival at your church, I usually will wear a coat and no tie, however, on Sunday mornings, I myself will wear a coat and tie to honor the Lord I serve honoring him as you would any important person. If your entire church does not dress up on Sundays and I am there, I will never put any down concerning dress since they are and will be, only accountable to you and the Lord. It also takes time for dress codes, etc. to take place under God conviction only. The most important heart issues are what I will minister on. 

    The deep state through books, films, etc. would try to make you think that persons who dress up are trying to show off and are full of pride, even though the truth is just the opposite, in that it shows humility, showing ordinarily that the individual who dresses up for an important occasion, is showing others, that they consider another entity is more ( or very ) important than they are whether it be God, Company or Country. (Dressing up for an occasion or for a person shows respect, honor, loyalty, etc)  whereas dressing sloppy, loosely, etc shows I am more important and I will do it my way, not his (theirs) whoever they are, even if it, being God himself, I will do things, my way and he has to comply to me since I honor my self above him doing it, my way) 

  As you know the deep state, first knowing they could not directly change the dress styles in the church and country sought out first, to control the fashion dress industry which implement new styles of clothing each year whereas they decided persons would be slowly conditioned mentally to accept to wear and be hip, for the next year in the fashion industry, slowly changing dress, which would slowly change the way persons dress in the workplace and in churches, belittling the company's or church's appeal to present their very best for the entity or group, they represent (wherein a nation or church slowly lose their ability to set the example as to which things are the most important in their society or church).

   (Note) In China, the people are indoctrinated to dress like pheasants ( cloths that designate them as non-important persons) however the elite dress up in their important dictator positions. In communism, the communist want their people to, 1- look the same 2- Non-organized at all times (Is your church looking more like a communist community ?) Dressing well, usually always denotes a person's life is usually changing for the better whereas a degrading dress style often shows a person or nation's moral values are being degraded. What example does your live show? 

* Very Important Note Concerning Dress and Music since I may be coming to your church * I normally never preach on dress or music at churches since I mainly deal with other heart issues whereas I leave music and dress fashions to the pastor and those whom role model under their leadership.

  I realize since almost all of society and many churches now days always dress in the same dress they were raised in being most all are the younger generation not knowing how the church has changed , I realize change in this area and music takes time and is better learned than taught, by example whereas maybe  half of the leadership (if they agree to it after realizing they can dress up in the honor of God)  and the other half can dress in today's dress until slowly, prayerfully things can revolve back to most all dressing up to honor and  please God, letting the world know we need to and can dress up to honor the one we serve. 

  (2) Music- The deep State also went into the music industries(even Christian music) to change it for there cause to bring the morality of country and church slowly down (drugs, sex,pride, etc for the world whereas in the church, from the pull pit to the sweetly sung church music primarily always setting God up as our bellhop about God meeting our needs (humanistically) as if we are the center of everything rather than our need to respect and honor whom he is by us, by us singing songs which instructs us to study his book, the bible which shows us what to do and the end of all things is " Ecclesiastes 12:13

13 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.


Out Side Of Praise and Worship, The Above Should Be Included In Songs, We Sing.

Note - Other areas infiltrated, not dealt with in this short overview/Arts. Media, etc, etc.

  For your own studies, there are many books, such as "None Dare Call It Conspiracy ", as well as their, The "Communist Manifesto", written by Karl Marx and Engels. They have specific guidelines on how to take over countries which include churches which support good national governments. Church, we actually do have an enemy who is under the direction of their god, Satan.

  If a group is called a church and its laws are set up by the pastor's intellect (as most all churches are being set up today) which is a popular and easy way to set one up however in time, these are supposed to formulate a biblical government likened to the way they were set up in the New Testament, otherwise these for all practical definitions are dictatorships, since only 2 or 3 make all decisions as dictators do and in such cases the kingdom(government) of God cannot be set up, period until the dictators submit the control of the church to the way our God wants them to be set up.  I have to say to you who hold absolute control over the church you pastor (Dictate), quit saying (lying) the Lord's prayer, which is, " Thy kingdom (which means government come) come, Thy (God'sWill)  will be done," when you do your will by setting up, your government and not God's (which was established in the first church, period ? The five-fold ministry government) If you try to add or take away, you are humanistic, for your kingdom, not God's and he will judge you accordingly because you can not be a true pastor unless you set it up the way God established his church government to be set up. (The five-fold ministry way which is God's perfect way also has other counterparts.).

Pastor, if you were always making eyes with a bride of someone else's, don't you think that her to be husband, would be ready to clobber you if you did not release her mentally to her husband who is the one who is to prep her for their wedding. The church is not yours, release her(the church) to the Lord or I believe, you are on God's blacklist.

  The Deep State Victories

(As Stated By The Deep State)

Over the churches, it has influenced by fake news, headlines.

( These are and will always be considered to be heresies

(heresy-A departure of what the church has been from its beginning)

   Deep State Heresy Attempt                              Victory

1- Churches not allowed to speak on politics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Johnson Amendment 1954 

2-  Prayer out of schools  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Supreme Court Ruling 1962 

3- Position to teach/rule church from>

     Deep State persons enter Bible Colleges and Universities 1940-60 in order to get into leadership positions in order to water down and finally destroy the beliefs of those who enter the schools, colleges, and universities. These are taught not to preach the hard truths of the Bible but preach the lite truths in intellectual pride and slowly teach in time (damnable) doctrines that only divide. 

4- Position to control Christian media >>>>>>>>Positions as found over or in Media

5- Crosses removed from churches >>Sucess first, church literature, secular Gov.attemp

6- Get Churches off all Bible Truths>>Sucess, Faith, Grace and Self help Motivation only

so church persons will be anemic and only concentrate on themselves and not others

7- Print Religious literature such as,the modern day book, Pagan Christianity and other media for heads of churches, in order to destroy the church, which belittles and establishes fake news about the old landmarks, such as church government, dress codes, music and other ways, which we as the deep state will describe persons who want to return to old landmarks, as prideful and out of step with nowadays, enlightenment of God, by searching for scriptures which backs our erroneous heresy plots and views, in order to Remove Honor, Respect and Loyalty to God, especially on Sunday morning, since persons who dress up and carry Bibles shows someone or something is very important in their lives, especially if they are toting Bibles, which hurts our deep state causes since it advertises the churches they go to.

Victory from Deep State >>Very Heavily Successful since Church persons look like everyone else and their dress code shows nothing is important to them, as presented in the Bible which mentions being dressed, I believe in heart, mind, and body as stated, Psalms 96:9,

" Worship the Lord in Holy attire, tremble before him all the earth" )(NASB) New American Standard Version of the Bible which is a very close rendering of the Bible " 

Our attempt-Change Music so society will be totally changed/  Deep State response, We have been very successful since the same songs and beats are used over and over. And to our cause, the music is so loud, that it allows our subliminal messages to seek deep into their minds in secular and religious groups. In churches, the choir and director sing so Loud that it does not allow the congregation's singing to be heard. Most of the choir and their song directors, ignorantly think their singing along sometimes in pride will bring the Lord's presence, however, they do not understand that if only they would first tune into heaven's music and not dishearten the congregation from joining in, whereas they could bring in new songs, psalms, revelations, etc according to what their bible says in I Corinthians 14:26. as well as songs we know so God could speak to his body through his members as to what God is now wanting to speak to his church for the edifying of his church body. We in the deep state know, that a few in the choir or from the stage can sing or talk all they want however we know if only a few talk or sing, what they are preprogrammed to do, then what God wants to say through his entire body of believers will never be heard and we win every time in almost all cases, since they do not allow what the bible says is to be allowed to happen, by being quiet silent and letting God speak, as God allows, as allowed and overseen by the pastor(s) and those in authority, until God' Spirit moves in and is welcomed in and speaks as long as allowed and the music director and choir can be led the music as directed by the Holy Spirit which will always usher God's presences into his church.

8- Deep State Heresy Attempt to Remove or Keep God's Government from being formed

    Highly Successful Authored by the Deep State-

Deep State Goal- Church's Original government removed, Attempted

Deep state report>>>We have been Highly Successful In New Churches, Pastor Only Rules, No Accountability, No new church examples of Original Church Government.

   Pastors determine all usually and never gives a financial report since he holds the money bag as Judas did and as Judas was tempted, he is always tempted, and if allowed by himself, to use the Holy Tithe and other money as his own, we can always blackmail him or her, and expose it to the media so persons will look down on the church.

     Our Pastor friends, Please Realize The Truth and Perspective Below  

 The truth is the deep state in order to take over, does not want the following 1- A organized group such as a church which has an organized government structure since it would be a threat to them since the group can do exploits together if organized according to what God has stated for it to be in love with each other and under authority. 2- The deep state does not mind groups called churches to be scattered and acting on their own but it fears when they come together which would threaten their dictator government they desire to set up. The church being as one would be too strong and they would rather they be scattered not submitted to God and each other. 3- They would love that all be independent of each other so they can easily control the weak un-organized groups of persons called the church. 

Script as to the persons who hate God's government and despise being told what to do by those over them, whether it be God or man in position(s) above them, " 2th Peter 2:10, "But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. ( Scripture further says they are Presumptuous and self-willed ).

  Further Important Determination/ Pastors: Your life is like one molecule in the air whereas eternity is like billions of molecules (lifetimes). In this small little space of time, known as earth, we desire for you to chose the real-life, doing all God's way, which is the better way. Click Below, to set up the Government of your church, setting in place, Elders, Deacons, Etc. (As the Bible states to be done) as quickly as possible, when the correct persons after much prayer are selected, who need to be recognized by the church and placed into proper important leadership roles they are qualified to be placed in, and then you can pastor correctly making sure the sheep are taken care of by you or an associate Pastor Elder who has a pastor's heart mentality to take care of the sheep along with deacons under him, who are over local church's territory areas where your members come from, assigned to check to see how each church area member family are doing weekly or monthly, so their needs are met. This is what a true church pastor is supposed to see that is done, checking to see what the sheep's (members) needs are, that is just the truth and you are accountable to God for doing this directly or indirectly.

  Pastors, The church needs a reset or known as a Reformation, returning to the Biblical examples as given in the Bible. Pastors as you know, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and Pride of life would try to keep you from doing what God has said for you to do, concerning all this however after praying for God to forgive you for not already doing it God's way, pray for God to give you the grace to do it, his way. God will judge accordingly if we do otherwise so let us all hold ourselves holy by removing all sin and now, do all God's way.(and be ready for the harvest which is coming soon)

"To God be the Glory and Honour forever, Amen !"

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For God's Chosen Way to Set Up The Government Of Your Church,

God Bless You and May His Grace Be With You Always!


Very Important! Now! Today 1-14- 20 20  If You Are In Any Deep State Secret Society Such As, The E. Star, Ma sons, etc. or your family may be a member,Very,Very Important at this time!!! "Go to no meeting,"!!!

Read Revelation 17,18 and 19 or you may lose rewards forever !