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     Notes- (1) The words, Apostle, Prophet, etc.-are in your Bible and not made up by some men who misuse them. (2) All Ministry Elders Below Have To place new ministry persons before Senior Pastor (Or District Conference oversight persons before  Final Decisions Are To Be Made) (3) Man in denominations have set up their own church governments just as world leaders set up different type governments ( Socialist, communist, democratic, etc.) however God has his original and only true church government which is the fivefold elder offices ( pastors (senior elder, bishop), teachers, evangelist, prophets, and apostles) as given in Ephesians 4:11 and after these are persons in other complexities (1 Cor. 12:28). 

(3) Main Head Thought / The type of government, a nation has (whether socialism, communism, democracy) is very, very important and there is no difference, the type government the church has is very, very important in order to take care of the needs presented. We need a reformation in the entire church so when we pray, "Thy Kingdom (government) come, etc.", we will not lie by establishing our own man-made Idol Government.  John the Baptist said, " The kingdom (government) of God is at hand, which means you as leaders must literally set up his government with your hands, minds, and hearts. *base note*- When Ford, the car company, set up automation, he changed what was slow and hard into a machine which changed the world. May God use your hands to be ready for him to physically set up his perfect kingdom (government) upon the earth. God's grace be with us all so we will be ready for the harvest which will come sooner than we think.

   Simple Example, God's Government In Action, Five-Fold Ministry 

     Stones Example (1) The Evangelist comes in and sets off Revival explosive meeting (2) The stones (new converts) are thrown everywhere whereas the Pastor(s) comes in and pulls all converts (stones) together in his church (3) The Teacher(s) takes each stone and starts chopping away the old (4) When New Convert is being processed, the (Prophetic) prayer ministry persons ministers to each new member (Which is like sanding and smoothing a new stone) removing small stuff which needs to be removed  and when done (5) the (Apostolic) minister persons and elder persons whose job it is to find needs and find those who will meet the needs, places the completed trained stone (member) into the body of believers as they are gifted to meet needs. All this done under the Senior Pastor authority as he each week trains and ministers to them, from the pull pit..

      New Member(s) Example- Under the Senior Pastor(s) the Evangelist preaches and new converts are gathered into the church. Each new convert is taught by Pastor(s) and Teachers in all Biblical truths whereas when the Apostle believes the member is possibly ready to minister in the church or otherwise. the apostolic (placement) person(s) asks for the (prophetic) spiritual prayer persons (s) to come in so they can pray over the person's life and possible minister to them. In this time of prayer for them, some of the prayer persons may feel led to give the person what they believe the Lord may be saying or simply pray over the person's life in this time period of their life which usually is a blessing to the person being prayed for. ( In this time the Lord may reveal to all, things that all really need to know in privacy with the member). The next process is for the Apostle to place the person in ministry in or outside the church as the Lord only directs. This entire process needs to be set up for all members in a timely manner as the church determines so new converts are systematically set in place so the church is ready at all times for the Harvest which will come. God Bless each of you so the Lord says, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant ".

"Does Your Church Put A Choke Hold On Jesus Every Service ? "

      Ladies or Gentlemen,

 Before I proceed I want to ask a question or two to get your feelings concerning a friend of mine as to what can be done. A friend of mine paid a large amount to acquire a company and needing help called some others to help oversee his property which is now in all states. At first, things seemed to run great however little by little when they would come together the other individuals he brought in started taking over the entire sessions and would not even allow the owner, my friend to even talk to express what was on his mind and what he has already told the individuals what he wants to be done however they do all the way they want it done.
    My friend is very sensitive concerning all however he has literally put everything under their supervision. I am asking you, what should my friend do. My friend’s father has been really upset and desires they all be removed. What do you think should be done? If you were one of those not allowing the owner to speak and even you will not let the owner express what he wants to do, would you be willing to change and do what is right by listening to the owner, my friend since he has been really good to you? Please remember this as you read the next paragraph, thanks.

   Please bear with me a little, and I believe you will understand what I am saying. If your closest friend was gagged, put in a chokehold, and was not able to talk/move or breathe, similar to what George Floyd experienced, what would you do? And what would you do to the man who was killing your closest friend who was in the chokehold? Would you want this ugly incident to be shown over all the TV media outlets on earth and in heaven to show how ugly, cruel and terrible this incident is???

   Pastors or worship leaders you probably do not understand that you kill, jerk his beard out, place thorns on and crucify Jesus every time you get on the stage with lights flashing when you do not allow the church persons (the body of Christ) in front of you to be heard (or even breathe).  You do not understand and recognize that when you only can be heard singing or talking in services by use of the microphone that you are totally controlling,  choking your closest friend, Jesus (not allowing congregation persons to be heard or represented who are the body of Christ, the church). If you do not allow the congregation who are the body of Christ to be even heard, recognized, and share the stage with you then you are killing Jesus whom I thought was your closest friend. In this case, as given above, what would you do immediately to protect your friend ? And would you allow the man who had done such a grievous act to be bailed out very quickly?

   If the man, above is you acting like a dictator controlling all, does it not show that you have become a really dangerous person(s) who cares not whom you hurt since you are in full control of the Life or Death of the Body (the body of Christ whom you are choking since, with such loud music, the congregation can not even be heard nor can they speak if they have something for the church which God gave them that needs to be heard by the church. Question-” If you were the father of the one being ignored and choked to death, who is father God, would you not want a quick death sentence for those of you who have become dictators in God’s church? (Judgement is upon this nation and will we repent of our dictator like ways we do church?)

   Pastors and worship leaders, you from all indications have modeled your church after the mega-churches you have seen on TV and not after what God explains to do in his word. You are not knowingly (ignorantly) killing your closest friend (the body of Jesus)who is Jesus whom you are supposed to let live. The body of Christ is the hands, mouth, feet, etc of Jesus when we come to worship. You should never conduct the stage like a rock band and paralyze the body of Christ since they can not bring a song, prophesy, or anything else since you control and kill all.

   I speak all this as a prophet and God desires repentance and not judgment which is coming very soon unless you and other churches have a reformation back to how the church is done according to the original plan which the church as a whole has lost.

   Note- It has been prophesied by several prophets that Trump will win back election however after inauguration all hell will break out. I believe God’s angels are now marking the individuals to be killed since judgment starts at the house of God. The intention(s) of the deep state is to kill politicians and church person first to create fear. If these prophecies take place, a person who does church their way will get a healthy dose of what it means to fear God and as said to some, "Prepare to meet Thy God". If the God of the Bible is your God then do church, his way, he has already set up.

 ( NOTE ): I am not trying to scare anyone however you need to know that God takes the way we do church very seriously whereas we should really be careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit. I know a lot about prophecy whereas I know the country probably will go through a rough time for the next few months however we win and this country will really prosper afterward as far as I believe there will be a few years before the rapture, etc.  However in the here and now, we have to return to the truths which will set us free.

   Pastors or worship leaders if you desire to do church God’s way first say and pray,” God forgive me for doing church my way and I ask you to forgive me. Thank you Lord for forgiving me and now help me to do it your way, in the way it is governed as well as how services are to be.

   If you desire now a new beginning I suggest you do the following:

1- Turn the sound way down so the body of Christ can be heard and be ready to give them a mic. 2- Always allow each week different *ones who minister to speak giving reports as to what is happening in the church, etc  in other words allow others to talk*. 3- Give a quite time at times so persons who believe they have something from God are allowed to speak (give them a mic if necessary and of course you with a mic can easily shut them down if you have to). 4- Allow at seasons for persons to give testimonies (a few at a time). The balance is allowing the body of Christ to live by allowing them to have input in services. 

   Ladies or Gentlemen, I realize you are in control and you will do what you want however I am giving you a warning to change the way you do church otherwise all is between you and the one, you have a love/hate relationship with.  I desire that you to be blessed and have a good life forever doing all, God’s way. God Bless!

P.S. Accordingly, You all have been ministering on knowing God whereas we all know in Matt. 7-22 it mentions those who do not know God even though I am sure they did know doctrines of the Bible. These thought,, they were going to heaven however they did not personally go and visit the sick, those in jail, etc but talked about their giftings, etc. not knowing that to love God, you have to show the personal connection with persons who have needs outside of the church and go see them face to face showing you really do care. If you minister to these, you minister to Jesus (the least members of society and the church). If we are to go to heaven this seems to be at the top of the list as to what he requires even though they call him Lord, they never knew him according to their works which should be the foremost ministries of any church, I believe. All the above is for the real healing of the church however the choice is 100% yours, you are accountable to God, not me.

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