Church Reformation

Very Important Chat from PaulWayne before looking at problem/solution given below,
 "I understand and recognize that most of you who are with God today really want to serve God and know the truth so you can adjust your hearts and minds to follow truth, no matter what it is as long as it is God's truth. The truth I list below is not to belittle truths about faith, the correct type grace teachings, having a positive mental & spiritual attitude but only to correct it's overuse in the body of Christ that has caused the church as a whole to forget, ignore or just leave out all other heavy weighty truths that need to be taught on a regular bases, which are just as important or more important than the truths many are only preaching on today. These actions have caused the church to be very unbalanced like only eating one food all the time (only meat, only sweets) or whatever. The correct balance, I believe is to change our habits and put the emphasis back on all food the body of Christ must have to be strong by displaying these at every meal (church or ministry meeting).
The change back to a normal and healthy every church or ministry meeting, may take time.
Be of good cheer, God will help us all to do it his way,
Until we all become one with God in love and fellowship as stated in Jesus's prayer in John 17.
God's Best To Each Of You Forever, Sincerely, PaulWayne
Church Reformation and
Where Do You Have To Do To Know God?
  Below is differences between yesterdays churches and most all new churches which have been formed in last 30 years however the blueprint for the original New Testament church, for the most part has never been set up (dulplicated) properly since we still as a whole, have not allowed God to know us since we never focus on what he says he desires.
For Example/ Let us be real, this is what Jesus said about people or Churches who do not have a jail , hospital, charity, etc. ministry (He calls a person or church, who do not have one or more of these type ministries, outside of their church ministry, wicked) since they do not do the things he counts as most important (more important since they are founded out of real love as described in 1 Cor. 13, than even hyper faith, casting out demons and doing so called many and wonderful works) . You can only know Jesus if you care number one about what he cares about which is loving others as he does and in knowing what he cares about, you have to show you really care by doing it on a regular bases whether it is hard to do, unpopular or looked down on by others ! At bottom of this page are simple and effectice steps to help all get on God's favorite side, which is doing the will of God. (A_B_C Steps below) Doing these wil change you, the church (if they will back your efforts to do these) and the nation since God will then bless us doing it his way.
Large Number Of Christian Churches Are Serving Another god ?
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Church In Times Past
The Ordinary Chriatian Church's makeup fifty or more years ago was as listed below until it (new church start ups) slowly changed to where the over all, thousands of new churches are today. In times past all basic churches were under groups who had a number of churches under there authority, which provided help for over sight as well as safety in case church went into error.
Past Church Make Up
1- In the Pulpit, the pastor after much prayer as to what to teach on, taught on many subjects as the church had needs and scriptures were quoted to back up sermon preached.
2- Churches, under different Elder and/or Deacon church government arraignments, had teachers and ministries inside and outside of the church to make sure each sheep or potential sheep (member)were helped.( This type of government arraignments is still in most older denomination churches and works wonderfully if the church is still a Spiritual and Bibical based church which is alive with God's presences)
3- A deacon (or a person or group under elder/ deacon) regularly contacted members (weekly, monthly or  according to need) to make sure member's needs were addressed. A good shepherd (pastor) made sure his sheep were literally helped/ contacted by those under his leadership.
4- Under church leadership, different persons who felt they had a ministry such as a jail, hospital, nurse home, charity, etc. were authorized to do the ministry under the church's name after those over them saw the need and their calling (and that they were qualified to do the ministry).
5- The main ministry for those in leadership, other than praying as to what God wanted and asking for his help, was always to help and serve others, spiritualy and materially as God supplied the answer to the need.
Here Are Easy God Solution A-B-C Steps !
A- Repentance/ Pastor (s) and Member(s), from the heart say, God, I am sorry for hurting you, by not doing things your way. 
Forgive me for / (1) not asking persons who I have wronged to forgive me, I will now seek them out to forgive me 
Forgive me for/  (2) spending most all my time on only the following subject (quote the correct one)
a- Faith  b- Grace  c- Bless me only stuff  d- Other _ ?  
Forgive me for/ (3) not organizing my church according to your blueprint you gave us in the Bible. 
   Now God help me to do all these your way, in Jesus name. I pray. Amen ! 
 Now Thank God for forgiving you since now you are clean with a pure heart to do the will of the father.
B- Reduce Time In Area You Once Preached Only About
Next, Pastors plan your next Sundays and message times, at your pace in order to come off just teaching on same subject. You may want to reduce your time talking about the doctrine each week untill you rarely teach on that subject only. As you preach of course, there may be a springle of it in message which is normal, from time to time.
C  Set Up Your Church Government
1- Over the next couple of weeks, plan out after much prayer, who you will appoint to be two senior elders.
a-You will need a elder for the inside ministry needs of church (if you are more a teacher than a pastor who only always thinks about the needs of sheep, thats fine since that is your gift as Senior pastor however you need  a elder who is always thinking about the needs of sheep.
b- Now you will need a elder to over-see outside church ministries. Both of these will need to qualify to be a elder according to the Bible. 2- Next have each of these to appoint two deacon(s) to work with them in there efforts.
3- Next after these are appointed, bring them before church so you and the church can pray over each of these.
4- Next after these are recognized by you and church, have the inside church elder along with their deacons select teachers and persons to oversee needs that are in church. Thereafter each teacher or ministry person is accountable to deacon over them and deacon to elder over them. 5- The outside church elder along with their deacons select outside ministry persons to oversee ministries and member's spiritual / physical needs outside church. Thereafter each outside ministry person is accountable to deacon over them and their deacon to elder over them. (all accountable to pastor)
 Modern Day Churches
   A large number of Ordinary Modern Day Formed Churches are started by a Husband and Wife team, not under other authority, which they are accountable to.
1- From the Pulpit , messages are usually centered around only Faith, Grace or a positive mental attitude whereas all scriptures are sought out, that will back that doctrine only.
2-3 / The churches number one doctrine is to center around getting their personal needs meet through quoting Bible verses given to them by leadership.
4-Membership, if provided is simply come sit, listen and go practive what is preached to them whereas no person in leadership oversees their needs.
5-All ministries are inside church to meet their in church services meeting needs unless sometimes a group gathering takes place for fellowship which is generally short.
 6- No outside ministries take place under pastor's leadership authority persons which is to them a good thing since it takes liability off church and allowing no outside ministry under church (Note- if new testament leaders had done this, we would never had the true gospil which meant church leaders had to assume the accountability and responsibility to make sure the gospel is preached every where which can result in conflict and persecution, which comes with being a real and not counterfeit christian)
 7- All member are probed to do their on their own ministries and also to speak to others so they will come to there church (however the church will not personally support any or all there efforts, financially or otherwise since they will not accept the liability). Cell or small groups generally are only for teaching church members outside church.
8- Any person who feels they are called to minister in given areas outside church under church covering are usually ignored. If a person does, they are at their own peril since they are not under church covering .There ministry is never voiced to the church that they have a ministry since pastor(s) only recognizes his own ministry. Note- Even inhouse ministries are rarely if ever mentioned from pulpit or in services since all praise or recognition is to go to pastor(s) or to persons the pastor brings in to teach.This allows room only for pastor(s) to be praised and recognized in the church.
9- The main call is to serve pastor(s) ministry needs and self by only quoting Bible scriptures, pastor ministers on, to get things, member desires. 
   The above denotes that persons use God and parts of scriptures to get what they want only which is worshipping another god which is self. There authority comes from self whereas our authority like Jesus's authority is suppose to come from God. Jesus said, "Never the less not my will be done, but thine".
In Humanism a person worships self and only wants for others to worship there efforts,faith or ministry.True Godly persons only wants to worship the true God by serving God and others

Philippians 2 / The Word Of God

 2 If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if any bowels and mercies, Fulfil ye my joy, that ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.

3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than themselves.4 Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.5 Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

" God's Grace To Each Of You,
To Do It God's Way, 
Forever, Amen "