M.O.R.E. Networking Peace Covenant
1- We agree to come together, pray together, organize together and stay together in our efforts to minister to the needs of persons who need basic help and help persons to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. 2- We agree to come together and not discuss any doctrines that would divide us and focus number one always, on how to reach the lost so they can be saved and give them other help we can provide.
3- We agree if their a breaking of number two above, or a argument situation , Networking individuals(s) will be asked to step outside ( to discuss differences ) and seek help , if nesacary, else where, hopefully on their knees or under Christian counsel. It is best to agree we disagree, be silent about it, love one another and move on to helping persons and winning the lost.
4 - We agree as much as possible to remove our selves from persons who would cause disunity in our cause however we must still love and privately pray for them , that they may know the unity of our  faith. God Bless Each Of You Who Join Us  
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