Note : PaulWayne backs those involved in the M.O.R.E. Association and is planning on being involved in its work once it is set up. That is the reaso he is including this exert on his web site. At this time, it is being oganized to help bring the body of Christ together as one through the blood of Christ. 
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( Ministries Organized Radical Exploits )
Being set up

Are We Willing To Humble Ourselves

 And Break Bread Together On Our Knees ?

  Before we proceed further, let us go over some problems the body of Christ as a whole has had up until now. We all know, it has been almost impossible for traditional Christians to come together and fellowship together in times pass because of doctrinal differences. Today however more than ever, we are realizing as believers we  can come to network together since we have the same basics of salvation that we all do agree upon and also realize we also can come together if our moral values are also the same, particularly concerning the right to life and family values, from what the scriptures states.

  In the world, agreements can bring peace between peoples and nations , when the agreements are adhered to. In like manner we as Christians with the same basic beliefs, can and are coming together in our Inter-Denominational Peace Covenant, agreeing we can disagree on certain doctrine however we will be coming together on that which we all can agree upon. Christians who join us in on our networking meetings or join our ministry program association will have to : 1- believe the Apostles Creed given below , 2-believe that our salvation was obtained by Jesus shedding his blood, * adding nothing to it.* ,3- believe that salvation is obtained by Godly repentance , 4-believe that a person has to accept Jesus as his or her Lord and Savior and 5- believe that no person will see God without Holiness.  M.O.R.E. is a association of meeting associate persons/groups who implement the M.O.R.E. system into there meeting groups which we believe , will bring more persons into there local church or ministry when set up correctly.)  

  Before we discuss the program association of ministries and churches, close your eyes and picture all denominational leader persons who call Jesus Lord (because of his sacrificial offering) coming together and not arguing doctrine but getting down on there (our) knees and asking God to forgive us and save our nation. Wow, Tremendous, Glory to God and Halleluiah. We now are willing to agree that we disagreed on some doctrines however now, we do agree one hundred percent that we love God and now desire that we come together as one, love each other and help others know Jesus as there Lord and Savior.   This is what setting up a M.O.R.E. program association is all about since our program associations have important things in common and only discuss those in our meetings. Christians, in the not to distant future, who are trained and desire to start a association in their are area,  will be forming these program associations with the basic beliefs as presented by the M.O.R.E. program, association. The qualified person who desires to start a association can act as the coordinator / facilitator (or appoint another qualified person to be the facilitator) to make sure the meeting goes well and that agreed basics are adhered to , at program association meetings.

  The M.O.R.E. program, association is a system allowing Christians, across the world to come together in love, to do associated exploits together so the world may know how they also can know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.   If your area already has a association set up that also has our basic believes in place, great however if not please consider becoming a M.O.R.E. program, associate so we can send persons to your church or charity. Just remember our program association is not controlling over those who join in with us as a associate, but relational, in our efforts to do what our Lord has called all of us to do.   Oh ,How good it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. In John 17 (in the Lord's prayer) Jesus prayed that we (the body of Christ) may be one. We believe his prayer is being answered since we who are born of his spirit , are now coming together in Peace and His Love. 


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