Ministry Update

Aug. Through December 2020

     Looking back over the past four years since this ministry started in early 2016, has been a time of some joy but also of great grief to me and my ministry concerning our nation first starting in 2016. If you listened to my testimony then you understand that, whether a gift from God or whatever, I get a great burden in my spirit when God is very, very concerned about a person, group, or nation.

  In early 2016 here in Houston, I knew that I knew in my spirit that we were about to experience some type of judgment in the Houston area. In my preaching on my first radio program, you can listen to when coming to our web site,  I begged persons to repent in our area. I basically had very, very little repentance's result and then we did have Hurricane Harvey invade our state with massage flooding as one of the biggest tragedy events whichever had hit our nation. I truthfully at the time did not realize the timing of God as it related to the sign of Jona which if you research the subject, you will find the Jona sign to be an eclipse which is the same eclipse that took place in time travel, here in America known to us as the great American eclipse which took place in the Red Moon and Harvey same days time period.

   When Jona walked upon the beach in Ninevah preaching after being spit out of the fish, it had been totally dark for a time period in Nineva because of this eclipse whereas even the king repented. If you study the American eclipse, you will find out it will happen again in April 2024. The first eclipse came from NW to SE whereas this time it will come from NE to SW whereas the two paths form an X across the USA. I only know I by the grace of God, am well intuned with God in that when God is hurting or upset, I very much take on his feelings and in that, I well know my Lord's sentiments.  My biggest concern is to never misrepresent him by his grace helping me and not to ever grieve or hurt him in any way. Most people just do not recognize God has feelings and many times he can be so sensitive to what we say or think.

  In the past four years, I have expressed God's feeling as related in this web site with little response from the religious community especially those in leadership. At one time I was able to express how our God felt to about 125 pastors in a meeting about repentance whereas I and another person with me were escorted by the event police who were directed by the main persons to take us out of the meeting whereas I was simply asking for all the pastors there to repent of personal sins if they had any. One of the pastors being a black gentleman ran us down as the police were taking us out and expressed great repentance concerning the way he pastored concerning abortion. Oh that the pastor's leadership had allowed all to repent as needed however they allowed the meeting, as business as usual to continue otherwise. When John the Baptist came in, the ones who greatly hated him were the religious leaders even as it is today. They were very jealous of him even as they are of true evangelists today, they (the Hirelings) want the people's money and attention. They love the praise of men more than they love God. Instead of killing those who tell the truth about sin, etc. they simply will never allow true evangelists to ever have the microphone since it may take away from their control of the members whereas they feed them weak truths instead of the truths which will set them free. One thing we do know, the proud and misdirecting Sadducees and Pharisees of Christ day would receive a greater damnation whereas I ask the question how will Pastors or leaders fair with God on judgment day which will not preach hard truths such as John the Baptist preached which always dealt with truth from the heart which always included true repentance. 

  The judgment on us as a nation can only be held off for a time whereas Ninevah repented and judgment was held off for nine years. The sign of Jona was given interestingly in the same days when hurricane Harvey hit Houston and yet no heavy repentance has taken place in the Church as to sins presented in this web site which are 1-Lying, (hatred /miseo) 2-Respector of persons in the church, 3- Esteeming, thinking more highly of some persons in the body of Christ above others who are the least of these, your brethren, etc..(What you do good or bad for others, you do it to Jesus in the church), 4-Asking God for forgiveness but not asking the person you sinned against to forgive you / Plus other heart sins known by God and the person sinning.

  I have one thing to say to those in leadership, quickly repent yourselves of any and all sins being an example to your church. If they see you on two knees then they likely will follow your example. If you can not heavily preach revival then get a sold-out evangelist who will deal with sin so persons can be set free from it.. If you do not allow hard preaching in your church then the blood of all those who do not make it to heaven because sin was not preached on in your church, will be on your hands which you will have to answer for. 

 Pastors, in general, should only be pastoring allowing an evangelist to deal with heavy sin in a prayerful and Godly manner so the body of Christ can be presented to God as Holy by the pastor. Holiness and Godliness will exalt a nation allowing God himself to fight against all the wrongs of our nation, we otherwise will have to struggle with. All it takes is a remnant to start a revival and let it start in me.

   God Help Us All To Do It God's Way So He Will Say, " Well Done," " ! God's Best To You and Yours Always, Sincerely, Paul Wayne


 PS- Pastors, Do You or Will You have blood on your hands as shown below?


“ If a pastor (or pastors) does not allow hard preaching in their church on sin (usually an evangelist does this type preaching) then the blood of all those who do not make it to heaven because sin was not properly preached on in their church, will be on their hands.”

Ezekiel 33:6-7

But if the watchman (pastor) see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword comes, and take [any] person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's (pastor’s) hand. So thou,(pastor) O son of man, I have set thee a watchman (pastor) unto those who come to your church(s) or view/listen to your broadcast) house of Israel (USA) therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth and warn them (through hard preaching) from me.


The DeepState as presented already on this website had a 16-year plan to start in 2016 however politics went the other way whereas they are still trying to carry plans through in order to rule the world as a dictatorship. Henry Kessinger said in 1993, "In order to rule the world, we will have to have a pandemic however the pandemic will not be the way we will control (take over)but the fear we create about a pandemic which will allow us to use vaccines (with a tracker chip) which can be connected to 5G system network of control, however, God gave us a man to stop the deep state (with a different vaccine with no trace element) but if he along is our answer without repenting then our country is in deep trouble. Let repentance be preached so God can deal with us all so we can be free indeed to serve God.

   December Greetings- Wow! Now that we are through the unsettled election, what is next? There are those who believe President Trump will be staying in office because of fraud and I am one of them however I also believe the dark side will create havoc however ai do believe we will then have a few great years before a rapture of those who are ready takes place. I say to all stay close to our Lord, God bless and keep each of you.