The Five-Fold Church Government Pattern

Chosen By God For *All Churches*

Which Allows The Church To Function

In The Original New Testament Pattern AS Given Below,

When Lead And Empowered By The Holy Spirit

Christ Jesus

(Head Of His Church)

( Five Fold Ministry Elders )

1-( Senior) Pastor & Co-Pastor

Makes Sure The Sheep Are Well Taken Care Of.

2- Apostolic Elder-Looks For Needs In The Church  And Searches For Possible Ministry Persons In The Church Who Will Meet Those Needs. ( This Type Ministry, in an association of churches if the case be, searches for needs among churches and searches for ministry persons who will meet the needs of churches in the Association, in like manner so the overall churches meet the needs of the sheep) 

3- Prophetic Elder - Over Sees Those Who Minister In The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit To Others/Some churches only have prayer persons in this office whereas others have numerous persons according to believed members gifting in word of knowledge, wisdom, etc. however whatever a church holds, these persons are given to pray for others and helping others as needed.

4- Evangelist Elder- Over Sees Those Who Minister Outside The Church And Co-ordinates there efforts.

5- Teacher Elder- Over Sees And Helps Co-Ordinate All Those Who Teach In The Church.. 

 (Note: Deacons whether one or more are set in place to assist Elders in there ministries as well as they care and over see any and all additional needs of the church as overseen by the Senior Pastor.

 ( In order to answer the Lord's prayer which states, Thy kingdom (Government) come , we must set up his government  in our churches which is outlined above. Faith with out works is dead. The work of the church is to set up the (his) kingdom (government as listed above upon the earth in our churches) then the church will be ready (organized) to reap the harvest and properly minister to those brought in the last days harvest which is at handMay God help us all that he may say, " Well Done."

Important Note: (1) If a church is small, a Elder as described in 1 Timothy 3 could hold more than one position until a proper person with the calling (gifting) can be found however remember the five fold ministry of the church, being a odd number and is believed to be God given for many reasons. One of them is if ever a vote is needed, the Senior Pastor will determine the final vote if ever the census is tied up as what to do in major decisions.(2) In some born again churches, women may be holding positions in 5-Fold ministry whereas above position(s) would end in ", est" or "nes".

Notes: 1- Local Churches Need To Be Either Under a Denomination they are comfortable with (doctrine, etc.) Or Under An Association of similar beliefs, under an Umbrella Large Association, Of Churches Who believe Number One That We All  Have To Be Born-Again 2- Each Church Leader then becomes Accountable To Other Pastors Who Share Similar Association Beliefs which helps provide safety to all those who join since we can unify in similar efforts spiritually and financially, showing others how much we truly care and love each other, full-fielding the answer to Jesus's prayer in John 17. 3- If your church already has all kinds of ministries with different names simple put place them under the type Elder ministry they need to go under. This way your church becomes the proper government God has ordained and his power can freely flow through it to full fill your church's work for God which is what Jesus prayed for. that we all be one.

The words, Apostle, Prophet, etc.-are in your Bible

and not made up by some men who misuse them.

Very Important Warning:

Every time a mighty move of God is or is about to take place, the deep state knows by implants and will send in those who look like very successful Christians or whatever it takes to help shut all down in revivals and correct church government setups. Get these to give you there born again through the blood of Jesus Christ testimonies and if the testimony is in doubt, allow the person only to serve in smaller positions which you ease them into, to protect your church. Number one, always above all else, have your prayer persons/ warriors praying always over leadership.

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